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10 Reasons You Need to Be at The ComfyTree Canna Conference – Tampa, FL – Nov 18-20th

The Comfytree Canna Conference in Tampa is only weeks away. All the speakers are booked. The schedule has been confirmed. And we are putting the finishing touches to the final loose ends.

Still not made up your mind about whether to go? Here are ten reason this event could be the one that changes your life.


  1. You are looking at a way into the legal marijuana industry

Whether you’re a patient, a physician or an entrepreneur, the Canna Conference has everything you need to know about marijuana. We have experts from all areas appearing live to talk to you about everything they know about this natural product. Medical doctors will be taking part in talks and discussions with why they think this is a revolution in medicine. And we have business owners teaching you how to turn a profit in this explosive industry.

  1. You are approaching marijuana from a medical point of view and need to know current and proposed legislation as well as global research.

Dr. Gregory L. Smith, amongst others, will be holding talks over the Canna weekend to go over how much work is going into medical cannabis, and its applications in modern medicine. The weekend will also be focusing on the legal aspects of marijuana and where physicians stand across all states in the U.S.

  1. You are interested in a cannabusiness start-up.

In the fastest growing industry in America right now, a cannabusiness can mean serious money. Like all new start-ups, you need a solid plan, sound advice and good contacts within the industry for support. The conference will be jam-packed with people who are making a good living in the legal marijuana industry. These people have made the mistakes and learned the hard way – so you don’t have to.

  1. You want a crash course in all the major components of the marijuana industry.

The marijuana industry is broad. There is the legal aspect, the medical aspect, the commercial aspect, the recreational aspect. We’re actually dealing with something completely unique – a once-prohibited substance, that is still dividing opinion, but has solid scientific proof that it holds incredible medical value. The canna weekend conference is the go-to destination where such an expansive field is consolidated into manageable learning sessions over the course of three days.

  1. You’re interested in the possibilities but are unsure about the new, legal cannabis industry.

We welcome everyone who isn’t completely sure, or convinced, about this industry. We are looking to move cannabis away from its 20th century outlaw image, and show off its true potential as a very powerful plant. What this conference will present is real life, living, breathing examples of the power of cannabis. From people whose health has improved beyond measure, to people who are generating employment, and people who are taking a political and social stance to support the legalization of cannabis. We hope the weekend helps to change the mindsets of anyone who has doubts.


  1. You want to take advantage of cannabis legalization but you don’t know in what sector of the industry.

Whether you are a prospective patient, investor, entrepreneur, activist, or enthusiast, it’s time to get ready and get educated. There is massive potential to be whatever you want to be in this industry. We will showcase the various careers you could take up, the social and political groups you can be involved in and the huge scope of health benefits that we know marijuana holds. Above all, we have rallied together some of the best people we know to provide good, sound help and advice for everyone who attends the weekend.

  1. You want to enter the marijuana industry but you don’t want to grow or sell marijuana.

There’s much more to the industry than growing, selling and consuming cannabis. There’s a whole community out there – writers, researchers, medics, marketers, film makers, activists, scientists, administrators – normal, real life jobs that are in the industry but don’t have everyday contact with the plant. The legal marijuana industry is the fastest growing in the U.S. with a projected worth of $35 billion by 2020 – there is so much scope for a career in this field.

  1. You want to know about the many options in the medical/recreational marijuana industry.

We have doctors, business owners, recreational smokers and patients who rely on marijuana for health reasons. Whatever you need to know about medical or recreational marijuana is all available at the three-day conference in Tampa in November.


  1. You want to learn about the use of cannabis in medicine in general. 

We personally find the role of cannabis in medicine fascinating. It’s an ever-evolving subject, as more and more research is carried out. Doctors and scientists will be appearing at the conference to share their findings, and we also expect to be joined by people whose health has been transformed by marijuana.

  1. You want to learn about the chemical makeup of cannabis and the effects of the various strains

From a chemical point of view, the various strains of cannabis are endlessly compelling. From scientists to cultivators, we’ll be looking at how slight changes in the compounds of the plant can have different uses for different ailments.

There are still tickets for this event, but they are limited. Book your tickets here now before they all go!


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