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Marijuana Museums Around The World

Dotted around the world, individuals have taken the decision, raised the capital, and set up museums completely dedicated to marijuana. These buildings are dedicated to the history of the plant, its various uses, the ongoing scientific research in to its [...]

Cannabis Beverages: An Alternative to Puff Puff Cough

Weed can be smoked, vaped, eaten and now drank. There are more and more cannabis-infused drinks available on the market. However, some have been designed for the most unlikely uses. We round up a handful… Sports and fitness Energy drinks, [...]

Quarterly Status Of The Leaf: A Big Year For Cannabis

  It will come as no surprise that the legalization of marijuana is a hot topic at the moment. It seems that there is constantly an issue on a ballot somewhere in the country. It is easy to lose track [...]

How Will President-Elect Trump Affect Marijuana Legislation?

            Following Donald Trump’s recent election win, you may be wondering what this will mean for the future of marijuana legalization. Will President-elect Trump stand in the way of progress? Will he move the process [...]

In a Nutshell: The ComfyTree Canna Conference Tampa 2016

On the weekend of November 18th, 2016, over 100 cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, or simply curious beginners, gathered at the Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida for the ComfyTree Canna Conference. It was the perfect symbiosis of knowledge exchange and networking. For [...]

benefits of cbd, cannabis oil

The Many Benefits of CBD: A Working Compilation

CBD (cannabidiol) is an active cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant. Unlike THC, this component does not have the “high” effect because none of the compounds have psychoactive properties. Due to this, using CBD to treat patients is a viable [...]

cannabis edible gummy bears

Edibles: Treats for Adults

In recent years, cannabis-infused foods and drinks — known as edibles — have become increasingly popular. This trend is greatly encouraged by the growing legalized marijuana industry and the availability of affordable novelty cannabis products in medical and recreational dispensaries. [...]


Medical Cannabis: What The Doctors Have To Say About Weed

What IS marijuana’s effect on people’s physical and mental health – and is it worth decriminalizing to find out? It’s the political, medical, social and economic million dollar question. But besides the countless valuable testimonies from patients whose lives have been transformed [...]

Cannabis Legalization: The Winner Of Election Night

In the media frenzy which bombarded TV screens, Twitter feeds and newsstands, one major legal revolution was taking place underneath our noses. In the polling booths, voters in nine states were not only asked who their preferred choice of president [...]

10 Reasons You Need to Be at The ComfyTree Canna Conference – Tampa, FL – Nov 18-20th

The Comfytree Canna Conference in Tampa is only weeks away. All the speakers are booked. The schedule has been confirmed. And we are putting the finishing touches to the final loose ends. Still not made up your mind about whether [...]