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October 2016

The Strange History of Cannabis Laws in the U.S.

Few things have had a more controversial relationship than cannabis and the law. Beset with war, strained race relations, lies, and corruption, marijuana has been simultaneously loved hated, feared and celebrated by the same nation for nearly four hundred years. [...]

ComfyTree Canna Conference Featured Speaker Spotlight: Tiffany Bowden

Tiffany Bowden is the Chief Happiness Officer and Co-Owner and Co-Founder of ComfyTree Enterprises and was the Founding President of Minority Cannabis Business Association and is currently serving as the Education Chair of the board.  She is a cross trained [...]

Rick Simpson Cannabis Comfytree.com

5 People Who Have Shaped The Course Of Cannabis In American History

Marijuana is a divisive issue. While some see it as a dangerous drug to be outlawed across the country, others believe it holds vital clues to curing the most severe and chronic of illnesses. Through the passing of time, there [...]

Cannabis Jobs: How the Industry is Exploding

The legalized cannabis industry is one of the most exciting entrepreneurial stories to happen to America in recent years. It is a completely unique episode in the nation’s history – something that is currently generating millions of dollars in tax revenue [...]

ComfyTree Canna Conference Featured Speaker Spotlight: Angela Ardolino

Angela Ardolino grew up in Miami, Florida. Her future as a parenting expert is not surprising, having learned to teach parenting and self-esteem courses for Informed Families as a teenager, while working alongside her mother.  In her early teenage years, she began [...]

What Does ‘Comfy’ Really Mean?

Here at ComfyTree we take it for granted that everyone knows what it means to ‘Get Comfy.’ Occasionally we’re ‘gently’ reminded that not everyone is as well versed in ComfyTree lingo. I thought I’d help out by clearing things up [...]

Press Release: ComfyTree Cannabis Events Ratchet Up As Floridians Vote On New Legislation

According to Fortune magazine, as of February 2016, Colorado’s legal marijuana industry is worth $1 Billion, and Florida has its sights set on similar goals as legislation in the sunshine state takes a turn. ComfyTree, a leader in the rapidly [...]

Cannabis: A Potted History

The human history with the cannabis plant is a fascinating one indeed. The planet’s most notorious herb has held a special place for people for many thousands of years. There’s a growing bank of evidence documenting its integration with humanity [...]

Fun Facts About Cannabis

The history of cannabis is long, varied and paved with interesting stories. Here are a couple of nuggets that you might have never known about – until we compiled it all in to this handy infographic. Which fact is the [...]

ComfyTree Canna Conference Featured Speaker Spotlight: David DeGraff

David DeGraff-The Grow School is currently the CEO of The Grow School, Denver Colorado and the lead instructor for the ComfyTree Grow School. He has been with The Grow School since it’s formation in 2009. David holds certification in “Cannabis (Marijauana) for Medical [...]