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December 2016

Marijuana Museums Around The World

Dotted around the world, individuals have taken the decision, raised the capital, and set up museums completely dedicated to marijuana. These buildings are dedicated to the history of the plant, its various uses, the ongoing scientific research in to its [...]

Cannabis Beverages: An Alternative to Puff Puff Cough

Weed can be smoked, vaped, eaten and now drank. There are more and more cannabis-infused drinks available on the market. However, some have been designed for the most unlikely uses. We round up a handful… Sports and fitness Energy drinks, [...]

Quarterly Status Of The Leaf: A Big Year For Cannabis

  It will come as no surprise that the legalization of marijuana is a hot topic at the moment. It seems that there is constantly an issue on a ballot somewhere in the country. It is easy to lose track [...]

How Will President-Elect Trump Affect Marijuana Legislation?

            Following Donald Trump’s recent election win, you may be wondering what this will mean for the future of marijuana legalization. Will President-elect Trump stand in the way of progress? Will he move the process [...]

In a Nutshell: The ComfyTree Canna Conference Tampa 2016

On the weekend of November 18th, 2016, over 100 cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, or simply curious beginners, gathered at the Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida for the ComfyTree Canna Conference. It was the perfect symbiosis of knowledge exchange and networking. For [...]