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Fun Facts About Cannabis

The history of cannabis is long, varied and paved with interesting stories. Here are a couple of nuggets that you might have never known about – until we compiled it all in to this handy infographic. Which fact is the [...]

ComfyTree Canna Conference Featured Speaker Spotlight: David DeGraff

David DeGraff-The Grow School is currently the CEO of The Grow School, Denver Colorado and the lead instructor for the ComfyTree Grow School. He has been with The Grow School since it’s formation in 2009. David holds certification in “Cannabis (Marijauana) for Medical [...]

2015 ComfyTree Cannabis Academy Speaker Spotlight: Cy Scott

Cy Scott is co-founder and head of product at Leafly. Since founding Leafly in 2010, Cy has helped to grow Leafly into the world’s leading cannabis information resource. Leafly’s database of information on thousands of cannabis strains, retailers and dispensaries [...]