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ComfyTree was founded 3 years ago when the cannabis industry was just beginning to spread it’s wings. It was created to combat the high prices and exclusive atmospheres of other seminars and brands. The whole business was like a club you couldn’t hope to get in to.

We decided the cannabis industry should be a business opportunity for everyone, not just those who have the money and connections to get things done fast. At ComfyTree, we know not everyone has $500,000 to put into their business right away. That’s why ComfyTree helps you start small, grow, and ramp up when you’re ready and not a minute before.

ComfyTree is a unique mega brand in the cannabis industry. Not only do we host amazing educational cannabis events called the ComfyTree CannaBazaar, but we also do consulting, private seminars, virtual training, extractions, and more. We made sure to hire team members and to gain as much experience as we could to provide you with the most complete education in the cannabis industry anyone has to offer.

We are ComfyTree.