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Best Businesses To Start In The Marijuana Industry

There’s a little entrepreneur inside all of us. It’s that voice you hear inside of your head that says ‘I could do it better,’ or ‘there has got to be a better way,’ or ‘this is what X needs!’

Maybe you’re just a chronic whiner, but maybe you’re the kind of person that is always looking for a better way or itching to solve a problem. Maybe you’ve always wanted to own your own business, but you can’t think of an idea that really speaks to you. Maybe you’re not passionate about anything enough to commit your life savings to, but you could be if the right opportunity came along. These days, good business ideas that no one has thought of yet are very few and miles between.

These days, good business ideas that no one has thought of yet are very few and miles between.

The internet spreads information like wildfire, and chances are one little google search reveals your great idea already packaged and being sold on Amazon for discount prices.

Fad websites and slimy online marketing schemes have delivered the final death blow to new, lucrative business ideas that will definitely make you money. Obviously, nothing is ever guaranteed. However, there was a time where innovation and achieving the American dream wasn’t so far out of reach. Big business stripped that dream out of our reach until the internet. Now it’s easier to start a small business without a truckload of capital.

However, there’s something newer than the internet (figuratively speaking), and experiencing the fastest growth out of any industry in the U.S. That something is the cannabis industry.

This is the business opportunity of a lifetime. There is no big business in cannabis yet. That means there’s more room for small business to move and thrive. Right now, big business can’t afford to get tied up in federally illegal activities. A small business operating in a legal state has much less to worry about than a national brand.

This is why, in ComfyTree’s professional opinion, the best businesses to start right now are in the marijuana industry or they service the marijuana industry. We talk a lot here about how most people think the cannabis industry is just growing and selling marijuana.

The exchange or production of product is not even half of the total economic impact of the industry.

The Best Businesses To Start Are In The Cannabis Industry


best businesses to start include Bud & Breakfast ancillary opportunity in cannabis industryMost of the money created in the cannabis industry will be from ancillary businesses that either need to be newly developed because of the cannabis industry (automated cannabis plant trimming machines), businesses that exist but we will need more of (lawyers who can choose to specialize in cannabis, real estate agents specializing in dispensary locations, packaging companies who specialize in packing edibles according to regulation), or businesses using existing technology or business models in a new way catered to the cannabis industry (extraction equipment, Bud & Breakfasts, etc).

These are only a few states operating in the legal cannabis industry right now, but full legalization is coming. Our passion is getting emerging markets ready for what we’ve already witnessed in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California. If you’re in a state that’s not fully legal, you’re in an emerging market and you have an incredible shot to seize market share, before the competition and especially before big business. The more small businesses involved in the industry the less able large corporations will be able to convince our lawmakers to pass legislation that effectively bans small operations from the industry.

The reason cannabis is legal is because the people wanted it to be legal. They worked hard to make it legal. The people, at the local level, should be profiting from this new proliferation of business ideas and opportunities.

If you want to know more about how to get into the industry and exactly what kinds of opportunities are available to you and how you can get involved before your state legalizes, then you need to go to ComfyTree’s CannaBazaar Event.

ComfyTree’s CannaBazaar is a traveling cannabis academy, grow school and expo. We hold events all over the country, mostly in emerging markets, teaching local communities about the cannabis industry. It’s a complete crash course about every aspect of the industry, the pitfalls, opportunities, how to grow, getting a job in the industry, and more.

We take our experience in other legal states and bring it to you.

Not only that, but if you can’t make it live, you can just buy a virtual ticket to the event and watch it from the comfort of your own home.

Hopefully, we’ll see you at one of our events this year. Things are moving fast, so if you’re interested don’t wait. If you’re not sure, sign up for updates below and for now, we’ll leave you with some highlights of a past CannaBazaar.



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