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Cannabis Beverages: An Alternative to Puff Puff Cough

cannabis drinks Weed can be smoked, vaped, eaten and now drank. There are more and more cannabis-infused drinks available on the market. However, some have been designed for the most unlikely uses. We round up a handful…

Sports and fitness

Energy drinks, isotonic drinks, fresh water – the modern sportsperson is always chasing the optimum fluid to accompany exercise. But, could cannabis be good for gym-goers?

Puration, a company specialising in cannabis extractions, seem to think so, having created a drink infused with CBD oil.

Puration, based in Dallas, Texas, have examined the use of cannabis extraction in sports and exercise and researched intensively in how CBD can benefit fitness nutritional supplements.

The company state that their drink is “an ideal component of a pre- and post-workout regime, as it works as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and as an assistant in muscle recovery.

Whether a professional sportsperson could take cannabidiol-extracted supplements without reprimand from drug testing is doubtful. Yet there are sportspeople who openly advocate how the plant improves many aspects of exercise.

Clifford Drusinsky, a 39 year-old triathlete from Florida says that cannabis is valuable to his training.

His workouts begin with 20mg of THC in a marijuana energy bar. Half way through his routine, the effects kick in and it is beneficial whether he’s on his bike, running or swimming.

According to an interview with Men’s Journal, Drusinsky believes that cannabis could “help some athletes get in to a zone and put their bodies through very tough physical activity” which could help them to focus on repetitive training.

Both the THC and CBD could react to the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system in just the same way as endorphins – creating a happy buzz after a certain aerobic threshold has been reached.

Anxiety-related conditions

Anxiety, social phobia and continual nervousness are commonly recognised conditions. While doctors prescribe counselling, and in some severe cases, anti-depressants – more people self-medicate through drink, pain killers and sleeping tablets.

A drink now available has been designed around anxiety sufferers, and promises to sooth worry, pain and stress – with the help of CBD oil.

The drink, named Relax, has been produced by Rawligion and is a mix of hemp seeds, cashews, dates, coconut oil, vanilla, water and CBD oil.

The phytotherapist (phytotherapy is the science-based medical practice based on the study of extracts of natural origin and their use as medicines or health-promoting agents) Michael Isted, who works as the development consultant for Rawligion has said that he knew that CBD would be an valuable and health-giving ingredient in a drink.

The CBD reacts to the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system, and regulates the body’s homeostasis – the general state of mental balance – and impacts on mood, sleep, immune response, hormone regulation, and pain.

Isted told Metro.co.uk, ‘The cannabis plant is almost the perfect plan – humans are supposed to have a relationship with this plant because we have cannabinoid receptors all over our body,’ says Michael.

‘Cannabis has all that we need to sustain life, vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fatty acids. We can even make clothes and materials from the plant.’

And it’s not just cannabis users who are convinced of the oil’s benefits.

A nice cup of Joe

While hard to get hold of, and currently only available in Washington state, Fairwinds Manufacturing have produced coffee pods that come combined with 10mg of THC.

The pods, which are compatible for Keurig coffee machines, comes at $10 each.

The company describe their coffee as “a premium series of cannabis-infused coffee beans that feature local Northwest coffee roasters whom supply premium, freshly roasted coffee beans from coffee regions throughout the world.”

Drinkers describe a paradoxical sensation of feeling energetic from the coffee, with a relaxation from the cannabis.

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