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ComfyTree Streams Cannabis Industry Event In Jacksonville, FL


cannabis business seminar in jacksonville


Are you coming back to Florida? How often do you come to every city?

ComfyTree gets these questions incessantly. Every time we have to break hearts and tell them the truth. We might never come back to your city, and if we do it won’t be for another year.

Hundreds of crestfallen faces will forever be burned into our corneas. We wish we could come to every state multiple times a year. No one needs this information more than emerging marijuana markets and we just can’t get to them quickly enough. Plus, we always tailor our information to each state. The complexities aren’t always universal and we want to make sure our attendees have the most up to date information.

For months we’ve been stumped. It’s impossible to be in multiple places at once! Isn’t it?

It turns out it is possible. ComfyTree has decided to live stream the CannaBazaar for the first time ever. True, you could always watch video footage later online or in the press, but what if you could attend the entire event without actually haven’t to be there? So many more pioneers who need this information, like you, end up missing out. ComfyTree will not let that stand a moment longer! That’s why we’ve launched CannaBazaar Live. You can now stream our 2-day workshop from the comfort of your own home.

live stream cannabis academy & grow school with comfytreeComfyTree experts are still going to provide the relevant information for the state the event is being held in, so you still get the personal touch. However, the vast majority of the material is going to be applicable to anyone living anywhere in the United States who want’s to get into the cannabis industry.

So this is a message to all of our scrappy entrepreneurs out there who want to learn how the industry works. If you can’t make it to our event live, then at least watch it live from wherever you are. You can even ask live questions!

We’re proud to remove the barrier of location when it comes to accessing our event. The industry is literally buzzing with energy. There are too many needs, too many opportunities, too many places to get your hands dirty. It’s common to feel paralyzed with the unknown, leading to inaction.

You don’t have to wait until the marijuana industry experts decide to let you in. You have a resource in ComfyTree now. The marijuana movement will not be stopped. More than half the states in this country have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use. Children and seniors have medicine for the first time that isn’t manufactured in a lab and that’s actually effective. No. We will take not one step back. Cannabis is here to stay, and so is ComfyTree.

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