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Cannabis Jobs: How the Industry is Exploding

The legalized cannabis industry is one of the most exciting entrepreneurial stories to happen to America in recent years.

It is a completely unique episode in the nation’s history – something that is currently generating millions of dollars in tax revenue but is still illegal in half of U.S states.

cannabis industry

But, in the legal “half”, there is huge enterprise and innovation taking place. From a scientific research through to business ownership – the ambitious spirit of this country is alive and well.

With 24 states relaxing pot laws, medicinal marijuana is the fastest-growing industry in the U.S. right now.

A new arena of jobs and careers has opened up.

These range from the manual to highly skilled – in both the recreational and medical niches – providing opportunities for a wide scope of American citizens.

While the publicizing of marijuana is heavily regulated, it is creating massive tax revenues for each state where it is currently legal.

Take Colorado for instance. Their tax income on marijuana for the last fiscal year reached $70 million –  nearly twice the amount received from alcohol tax.

Colorado tax income on marijuana for the last fiscal year reached $70 million. Click To Tweet

Not so long ago, pursuing a career in marijuana would have probably raised a few eyebrows.

medical_marijuana_from_comfytreeNowadays, people’s minds are being opened to how powerful an asset this plant is.

More and more Americans are enjoying a career in what has been dubbed the “Green Rush”. Take a look at some of the latest jobs to hit the recruitment boards…


With more people needing information on the many different strains of marijuana, a new career has opened up – the cannabis reviewer. The most popular cannabis sites are filled with reviews critiquing the various types of weed on the market, all with many different effects and uses. Thus the consumer in need of a particular strain – whether high or low in THC or CBD – is able to make an informed decision before purchasing.


As more people have access to legalized cannabis, there is more of a demand for the product. However, to grow the plant requires resources and skill. For it to grow in the optimum environment, a pot farmer needs access to the right site and equipment. Farming will also be subject to a lot of regulation and involvement with the authorities – so anybody entering this career need to be 100% dedicated to the job.


Like any plant, cannabis comes with a bit of non-essential foliage. The growing of these plants often requires a bit of care and attention, but trimmers are there to create the finished product – trimming the excess leaves and stems away from the bud. Trimmers are usually on the bottom rung of the pay scale ladder, earning around $12 an hour.


cbd-oil-comfytree Not all cannabis customers want to smoke. A lot of medical marijuana is best consumed in other ways, like oil. Various ailments require different levels of CBD and THC compounds. Extracting the right levels of all the various compounds requires great skill and scientific knowledge. Most extractor jobs require phDs and are well paid.


In states where the laws have relaxed, a very limited number of licenses have been offered to the public to open up cannabis stores. Needless to say, there were a lot more applicants than licenses. However, as the industry develops over the next few years, opening up a store is predicted to get a lot easier.


The first person the customer sees when walking into a dispensary is the budtender. Not only is a warm and welcoming demeanor required, they also need to know their stuff. This person must have an in-depth and extensive knowledge of the many different strains available. They must also be able to dispense advice and recommendations to the consumer.


There is a growing need for people to work in the regulation of cannabis and medical marijuana in the various states that have decriminalized it. In law enforcement agencies and local government, there is huge opportunity to work within this field – particularly as the laws will undoubtedly be subject to tweaks and alterations over the next few years.


Still very much in its infancy, there are small organizations promoting trips to visit growers, dispensaries, and information on the history of the plant. Like visiting a vineyard and sampling the wine grown there, cannabis tourism has huge potential.

Of course, like any new industry opening up, the job roles above are only the tip of the iceberg. This economy has massive potential if more states adopt the stances of Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.

So stay tuned. If you fancy a career change, the chances of scoring a job in the marijuana industry look increasingly high!

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