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CannaBusiness 360: ComfyTree Gives A Complete Overview of The Industry

The marijuana industry like any other industry experiencing 25% growth year after year. It looks like a disorganized, trailing, and constantly in flux organism forging ahead at breakneck speed on a trail it’s not 100% sure won’t end.

It’s crazy. But it’s fun. It’s fun because when that trail gets to where you’re going, the world will be healthier and you will be wealthier.

It’s fun because if that trail gets to where you’re going, the world will be healthier and you will be wealthier.

ComfyTree recognizes not everyone enjoys the not-so-subtle adrenaline of drag racing on an unknown road. That’s why ComfyTree created the CannaBazaar. A marijuana industry crash-course that gives you a full view of the opportunities available and ways to get there. You’ll learn industry information you can only know if you operate in a state that’s legal. That means those established businesses have an advantage over you, even though they live in a different part of the country.

You can’t get the information via academic books, industry case studies, online repositories of information, etc, because there are no industry books, industry case studies, or online repositories of information about how to legally run a retail marijuana dispensary. When you do find information, there’s no way to really know if it’s legitimate. That leaves you packing for a life in a legal market.

If you don’t have time to quit your job and move to another state to perform market research, and if you want to lead your state’s industry as legalization inevitably sweeps the nation, the ComfyTree CannaBazaar is for you.

comfytree cannabis academy and grow school

At the CannaBazaar you’ll learn about the business of cannabis, but you’ll also learn the basics of starting a successful grow op from start to finish. We’ll talk about ways to get involved now before your state legalizes, either by preparing or getting into one of the ancillary branches of the industry. You’ll get to talk to real cannabis companies about their journeys, and you could even find a job with a marijuana business.

So if you’re looking to become knowledgeable without spending hours online and on the phone doing research, check out the CannaBazaar. ComfyTree is now streaming our events live, so you can access any of them from wherever you are. No travel needed!

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