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5 Surprisingly Little Known Facts About the Marijuana Industry

With the marijuana industry slowly but steadily growing across the country you may be wondering what you need to know about it. The marijuana industry is most surprising when the facts are compared with opinion. Let’s look at five things [...]


10 Cannabis-derived Medicines

Despite the opinion split amongst medics on the value of cannabis, there are a growing number of products on the market that contain cannabis extracts. These have all been developed by leading pharmaceutical companies to treat a wide range of [...]

Chronic Illnesses That Marijuana Has Had A Profound Effect On

While the realisation that marijuana has real medical value slowly dawns on the modern world, there have been groups of people who have been using marijuana to treat chronic illness. Their relationship with marijuana has been born out of desperation. [...]

Marijuana Museums Around The World

Dotted around the world, individuals have taken the decision, raised the capital, and set up museums completely dedicated to marijuana. These buildings are dedicated to the history of the plant, its various uses, the ongoing scientific research in to its [...]

In a Nutshell: The ComfyTree Canna Conference Tampa 2016

On the weekend of November 18th, 2016, over 100 cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, or simply curious beginners, gathered at the Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida for the ComfyTree Canna Conference. It was the perfect symbiosis of knowledge exchange and networking. For [...]

If You Want In On The Green Rush, This Is Where You Start

Green is the New Gold. Many years ago, the Alaskan Gold Rush was the next big thing. Suddenly, everyone was flocking towards it. The people that managed to get in on the ground floor? They scored hugely. This time, though, [...]

ComfyTree Canna Conference Tampa: Be part of the fastest growing industry in the U.S.

Something very big is happening in America right now. Since 2012, the medical and legal marijuana market has been growing. Fast. So much so, the legal marijuana industry outstripped Dasani, Oreos and Girl Scout Cookies last year. Total projected figures for [...]

The Strange History of Cannabis Laws in the U.S.

Few things have had a more controversial relationship than cannabis and the law. Beset with war, strained race relations, lies, and corruption, marijuana has been simultaneously loved hated, feared and celebrated by the same nation for nearly four hundred years. [...]

Rick Simpson Cannabis Comfytree.com

5 People Who Have Shaped The Course Of Cannabis In American History

Marijuana is a divisive issue. While some see it as a dangerous drug to be outlawed across the country, others believe it holds vital clues to curing the most severe and chronic of illnesses. Through the passing of time, there [...]

Cannabis: A Potted History

The human history with the cannabis plant is a fascinating one indeed. The planet’s most notorious herb has held a special place for people for many thousands of years. There’s a growing bank of evidence documenting its integration with humanity [...]