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Raise Your Glass: 10 of the Most Beautiful Glass Smoking Pieces

The new influx of pipes are not the same ones you grew up seeing your granddaddy smoke out of. Glass pipes are the new trend, and they are becoming more and more intricate. Their delicate designs, functionality, and beautiful colors [...]

What Does ‘Comfy’ Really Mean?

Here at ComfyTree we take it for granted that everyone knows what it means to ‘Get Comfy.’ Occasionally we’re ‘gently’ reminded that not everyone is as well versed in ComfyTree lingo. I thought I’d help out by clearing things up [...]

Fun Facts About Cannabis

The history of cannabis is long, varied and paved with interesting stories. Here are a couple of nuggets that you might have never known about – until we compiled it all in to this handy infographic. Which fact is the [...]