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10 Cannabis-derived Medicines

Despite the opinion split amongst medics on the value of cannabis, there are a growing number of products on the market that contain cannabis extracts. These have all been developed by leading pharmaceutical companies to treat a wide range of [...]

Chronic Illnesses That Marijuana Has Had A Profound Effect On

While the realisation that marijuana has real medical value slowly dawns on the modern world, there have been groups of people who have been using marijuana to treat chronic illness. Their relationship with marijuana has been born out of desperation. [...]

In a Nutshell: The ComfyTree Canna Conference Tampa 2016

On the weekend of November 18th, 2016, over 100 cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, or simply curious beginners, gathered at the Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida for the ComfyTree Canna Conference. It was the perfect symbiosis of knowledge exchange and networking. For [...]

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The Many Benefits of CBD: A Working Compilation

CBD (cannabidiol) is an active cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant. Unlike THC, this component does not have the “high” effect because none of the compounds have psychoactive properties. Due to this, using CBD to treat patients is a viable [...]


Medical Cannabis: What The Doctors Have To Say About Weed

What IS marijuana’s effect on people’s physical and mental health – and is it worth decriminalizing to find out? It’s the political, medical, social and economic million dollar question. But besides the countless valuable testimonies from patients whose lives have been transformed [...]

If You Want In On The Green Rush, This Is Where You Start

Green is the New Gold. Many years ago, the Alaskan Gold Rush was the next big thing. Suddenly, everyone was flocking towards it. The people that managed to get in on the ground floor? They scored hugely. This time, though, [...]

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5 People Who Have Shaped The Course Of Cannabis In American History

Marijuana is a divisive issue. While some see it as a dangerous drug to be outlawed across the country, others believe it holds vital clues to curing the most severe and chronic of illnesses. Through the passing of time, there [...]

ComfyTree Canna Conference Featured Speaker Spotlight: Angela Ardolino

Angela Ardolino grew up in Miami, Florida. Her future as a parenting expert is not surprising, having learned to teach parenting and self-esteem courses for Informed Families as a teenager, while working alongside her mother.  In her early teenage years, she began [...]

Press Release: ComfyTree Cannabis Events Ratchet Up As Floridians Vote On New Legislation

According to Fortune magazine, as of February 2016, Colorado’s legal marijuana industry is worth $1 Billion, and Florida has its sights set on similar goals as legislation in the sunshine state takes a turn. ComfyTree, a leader in the rapidly [...]