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Quarterly Status Of The Leaf: A Big Year For Cannabis

  It will come as no surprise that the legalization of marijuana is a hot topic at the moment. It seems that there is constantly an issue on a ballot somewhere in the country. It is easy to lose track [...]

Cannabis Legalization: The Winner Of Election Night

In the media frenzy which bombarded TV screens, Twitter feeds and newsstands, one major legal revolution was taking place underneath our noses. In the polling booths, voters in nine states were not only asked who their preferred choice of president [...]

Press Release: ComfyTree Cannabis Events Ratchet Up As Floridians Vote On New Legislation

According to Fortune magazine, as of February 2016, Colorado’s legal marijuana industry is worth $1 Billion, and Florida has its sights set on similar goals as legislation in the sunshine state takes a turn. ComfyTree, a leader in the rapidly [...]