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Chronic Illnesses That Marijuana Has Had A Profound Effect On

While the realisation that marijuana has real medical value slowly dawns on the modern world, there have been groups of people who have been using marijuana to treat chronic illness.

Their relationship with marijuana has been born out of desperation. No pharmaceutical drugs have been developed to help their condition and on most occasions, these people have turned to marijuana as a last resort.

However, this last chance saloon has actually turned in to a life changing decision with symptoms reduced – and in some cases – disappearing.

Here we look at real life testimonies from people whose lives has been improved beyond all measure by cannabis.

Crohn’s Disease

Coltyn Turner is a sixteen year old student who has Crohn’s Disease – which he has been suffering from since the age of 11. Living in the Midwest, he was in and out of doctors’ offices and hospitals to no avail, stating “I was just on every pharmaceutical there was out there until I wound up in a wheelchair.”

After moving to Colorado, his parents searched for alternative treatments. They looked at cannabis oil after everything else had failed. The results were almost instant and Coltyn now leads a normal life.

Coltyn and his family now campaign for the legalization of cannabis for medicinal uses across all 50 states.

“We want people to understand that this is a good option,” Coltyn’s mother, Wendy, said.

Niemann Pick Type C a.k.a. Childhood Alzheimers

Hugh Hempel has been a healthcare advocate since the birth of his twin daughters, Addi and Cassi. As babies, these two little girls were diagnosed with a rare and fatal neurodegenerative disease called Niemann Pick Type C, often referred to as “Childhood Alzheimer’s.” After extensive research in to the scientific and medicinal options available to them, Hugh and his wife Chris realized that a simple sugar compound called cyclodextrin could save their twins’ lives. As parents, they successfully filed applications with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and received permission to try this never-before-used treatment on their daughters.

Three years later, the couple in their studies to find something to prevent their daughters’ seizures – which were up to 100 a week – started to research cannabidiol (CBD) one of the compounds within cannabis. The results again were instant and the girls are now able to enjoy a seizure-free existence.

Realising that resources were not easily available for others, Hugh and Chris set up a cannabusiness to focus on legally developing, distributing CBD products.

Watch his fascinating TED talk above.


Abigail Dar from Israel has been looking after her autistic son, Yuval, for over two decades. As her son grew, the symptoms of his condition grew worse.

“Yuval is very restless and has a lot of anxiety, so when he was 12 years-old, we started giving him antipsychotic medication on the recommendation of his doctors. But he just became worse and worse. By the age of 17 he got epileptic seizures so we had to add epileptic drugs. And he also became when he was around 17 very self-injurious, biting himself until bleeding. And sometimes very aggressive towards his carers or towards me.”

Devoting her life to researching alternatives, Abigail turned to medical cannabis which had an immediate effect on her son.

“It was like magic. My son became a calm person, more concentrated, having a smile on his face. And over a year, he didn’t show any self-injurious behavior or any outbursts, which for me and for him is a miracle. It was life changing.”

Abigail now campaigns to open up research and trials in to medical marijuana.

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