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ComfyTree Returns To Florida For An Encore

Last year, ComfyTree went to Tampa to celebrate the passing of amendment 2 and offer to wet the feet of Floridians interested in getting into the cannabis industry. Since then, we’ve had an influx of requests to take one more trip to Florida. This time, we’re showing love to the northern Florida state of Jacksonville.

This April 29 & 30 we’ll be spending two day giving a crash course in every sector of the cannabis industry. It’ll be just as information intensive as all of our other events, but with a twist.

The Jacksonville event will be different from our Tampa event in 2 major ways. First, we won’t be partnering with anyone for this event, so we’re returning to our original event name, the ComfyTree CannaBazaar. This event will not have the extensive career fair other ComfyTree events have had. Instead, we’re doing an exclusive intimate immersion event. We’ll be selling only 30 tickets to this event. That means more time for 1:1 questions with the speaker. The rest of the tickets will be virtual attendance only.

Which brings me to the next major different. We will be live-streaming this event from Jacksonville. That means regardless of where you live, you can attend and get the basics of the cannabis industry down as well as access to online exclusive content.

Ready to make the leap? Go ahead and visit our Jacksonville event page and check it out for yourself. We’ll be waiting.

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