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Guest Blog Post Submission Guidelines


Thanks for your interest in contributing to the ComfyTree Blog. We’re always looking for excellent content from writers and bloggers in and out of the industry. In order to ensure that the ComfyTree Blog remains a leader in quality information about cannabis and the cannabis industry, we have several guidelines that will automatically remove you from our consideration if not followed. If you’d like to write for ComfyTree, please read the guidelines below and submit your article to comfy@hellocomfytree.com. Good luck!

  • Article must be 750 or more words long
  • Only posts useful and relevant to the readers of this blog will be accepted. Please be on-topic.
  • Quality must be excellent from grammar, to the use of English prose.
  • Obviously original content only. Article may not be posted elsewhere on the internet.
  • No marketing, product plugs, or sales pitches. The post may, however, include links to your website if relevant and up to two links in your author bio.
  • Please include a high quality image of at least 600px wide to feature with your post. If image is not yours, please include a reference link. Image must be interesting and engaging. Jpg or png is fine.
  • Use headers and white space in your post. We will edit your post as we see fit if not formatted properly.
  • We may ask you to change your article to better fit our needs. Don’t take it personally.
  • Writers who submit articles of the highest quality may be invited to become regular contributors to the blog with a small stipend for your time.

We will let you know when your post will be published so that you can share and engage with comments. You will be expected to respond to any comments and engage with audience within reason.

We can’t wait to read your post!