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In a Nutshell: The ComfyTree Canna Conference Tampa 2016

On the weekend of November 18th, 2016, over 100 cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, or simply curious beginners, gathered at the Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida for the ComfyTree Canna Conference. It was the perfect symbiosis of knowledge exchange and networking.


Attendees learn about the Cannabis Industry.

For three whole days we talked about cannabis and it’s many facets. Not only it’s ability to create income, but it’s ability to save lives and improve the lives of people everywhere. It was inspiring at worst; world-changing at best.

While attendees learned about medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, how to grow, sell, market, advertise, cannabis products, and how to open dispensaries/grow operations/ and cultivation centers, more attendees were browsing the ComfyTree Career Fair & Expo (CannaBazaar), a showing of local and out of state cannabis vendors that are in business right now. These CannaBazaaar attendees had informal conversation about vendors’ businesses, how they got into the industry, and what kind of help they might need now, or foresee needing in the future.

These conversations were limitlessness in variability and topic due to the many walks of life attending ComfyTree’s totally FREE CannaBazaar and the different types of vendors seeking to show off their products or hire for their business.

One of our most special vendors was Rocky Mountain High Florida. Not only were their reps stars, but their product knocked it out of the park. They sold hemp-infused energy drinks all three days and went through cases. People were walking out with dolly’s full of cases to stash. No they weren’t hoarders, they were samplers and fell in love with the product like I did. Not only are they seriously delicious, but they are all natural and good for you. Best of all, they work!

anne-phillips-photography-comfytree-details-6044-copyRocky Mountain High wasn’t the only cannabis product showcased that weekend. ComfyTree was giving out hemp-infused chap stick (along with non-infused hats, t-shirts, and tanks), and our speakers brought samples of products to show to the attendees for a hands-on learning experience.

Doctors had a chance to recruit patients, and patients had a chance to seek out doctors. Best of all, people who thought they couldn’t be cured without chemical drugs, painful surgeries, or expensive procedures, found out that they now had another safer, more compassionate alternative to their ailments. Exposing the truth to the people who need it is what we really love, and we do everything we can to get our attendees together with our experts post-event. There’s nothing more important than your health, and ComfyTree cares about you.

anne-phillips-photography-comfytree-day3-7193-copyWe also care about safety. Here is master grower David Degraff showing students how not to wire the  lights in your grow operation. Singed eyebrows are expressly not the fault of ComfyTree or it’s instructors, as they’ve been forewarned.

All jokes aside, our students got an in-depth view of how to start and sustain a simple marijuana grow operation from the CEO of The Grow School in Denver CO. Knowledge far from attainable at a public setting in Tampa, FL. Things are changing and ComfyTree is leading the way in cannabis entrepreneurship and cannabis entrepreneur education. We want you to be ready before everyone else is, because it was regular people like you and us who have fought consistently for this right. It shall be the people who reap the rewards.

Will you be with us next time? ComfyTree is planning out our events and education schedule for 2017. With the expansion of legal marijuana (medicinal or otherwise), there are a lot of cannabis entrepreneurs that need ComfyTree’s event in their city so they can speak to real cannabis professionals. Are you one of those entrepreneurs? If so, sign up to receive updates about ComfyTree events, and comment and share this post.

We can only do it together, and ComfyTree hopes you’re on board for an incredible ride.

Keep it Comfy.

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