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Marijuana Museums Around The World

Dotted around the world, individuals have taken the decision, raised the capital, and set up museums completely dedicated to marijuana. These buildings are dedicated to the history of the plant, its various uses, the ongoing scientific research in to its properties, its continual featuring in art and literature, and other references in culture, not to mention improving public opinion of the plant.

If you’re looking to learn more about cannabis, grab your passport and take a look at our pick of some of the best weed museums in the world.


The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam is the oldest and most important museum in the world dedicated to Cannabis Sativa L.

The museum runs many different exhibitions and focuses on its unique collection that encompasses all aspects of cannabis. The museum also functions as a knowledge center, as well as facilitating scientific research and plays an important informative role to its many visitors.

The museum opened in the Red Light District in 1985, and has a sizeable collection of unusual paintings, prints, drawings and photographs of people enjoying weed. The museum attracts people from all walks of life and all ages – and still continues to raise interest from all over the world.


The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Barcelona is a sister venture with the Amsterdam museum and nearly thirty years after its Dutch counterpart. The site is an old 15th century palace in the Gothic district of the Catalan city. Bought by Ben Dronkers in 2002, it took a team of specialists to renovate the building, and is probably one of the most ornate and decorative cannabis museums in the world – floral motifs, stained glass and gilded cornice work runs throughout the whole building.

With great media interest and in the presence of entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum Barcelona was officially opened by cultural anthropologist Josep Ferigla, on the 9th of May 2012.

Dunedin, New Zealand

Whakamana Cannabis Museum is the Cannabis education centre for information and law reform activism based in Dunedin, New Zealand. The Whakamana Cannabis Library, within the building, features over 100 books about cannabis along with books about politics, other drugs, ancient cultures, and many other topics.

Originally set up as a refuge for fellow activists, the museum offers up a guest room for anyone who needs a place to stay on their journey through Dunedin.

One can even say it’s more of a destination than just a museum.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Newly opened, to a lot of controversy and press attention, this is the first ever cannabis museum in South America, Museo de Cannabis de Montevideo. The museum in Uruguay seeks to show visitors the history of cannabis and educate them about the “enormous variety of uses” the plant has, according to its director, Eduardo Blasina. While Uruguay has a reputation of being very pot-friendly, the museum focuses on the different ways to use cannabis, and also celebrates the fact that the South American country was the first to regulate consumption, production and sales of the plant.


Of course, it is only a matter of time before a state like California – with all its historical marijuana milestones – opened up a weed museum of its own. In the meantime, there is the award-winning exhibition, Altered State: Marijuana in California, which is focusing on all things marijuana.

The exhibition is interactive, inviting visitors to smell the scent of cannabis leaves, and touch the buds (unfortunately, with the mandatory lab-strength rubber gloves) – you can even share your stories in the Cannabis Confessional, which acts like a confidential booth where you can anonymously share your pot stories from over the years. Watching the various PSAs, listen to candid comments from the public and cast your vote in what California’s next step should be with marijuana legalization.

This museum has had stacks of positive reviews from visitors who have gone to learn about all aspects of the plant, including social, historical, and political outlooks and scientific data.

The exhibition also focuses on ten different areas – Profitable Pot, Criminal Dope, Medical Marijuana, Recreational Reefer, Evil Weed, Sacred Ganja, Youth and Weed, and Cannabis Science.

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