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The Perfect Cannabis Industry Education – What do YOU want to learn?

If you could put together the perfect cannabis education for yourself, what would it look like?

You have no idea. You don’t even know where to start. Well, don’t worry about that part because that’s what we’re for. We know the ins and outs of building a dispensary from the ground up. Our sister company Green Light Cannabis Company was scraped together by the skin of our teeth.

We don’t have a lot of money. We didn’t inherit a fortune. We didn’t know a single person in the industry and when we started, we lived in an illegal state.

Despite all of that we used our scrappy instincts, natural born talent, and good old fashioned sweat equity to build a cannabis brand that does traveling educational events, runs a grow operation, is starting a lending club for cannabusinesses, and kicking off a massive virtual training platform in just a few months.

Not for nothing but, we kind of know what we’re doing. If not because we’ve already done it the wrong way, then because we’ve been able to connect with the best in the industry who’ve put the same kind of heart and effort into their craft.

We could wax poetic for days about the wonder of ComfyTree. There were so many times we shouldn’t have made it, but we did. ComfyTree wants you to make it too. We want the scrappy dreamer to have the same chance to get into this billion dollar industry as Big Business or Big Pharma. So, as a scrappy dreamer yourself, you probably want me to point you directly to the place you can get started immediately if not before.

That brings me full circle. We’ll help you learn the ins and outs, but first, you need to tell us what your goal is. Then we could help you get there.

So we’d like you to ask yourself the following question, and then answer in the comments. The person with the best response judged by ComfyTree staff will win a pair of CannaBazaar tickets to the event in the city of their choice.

The perfect cannabis business education for me would allow me to….


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